Waterproof SPC

Waterproof SPC is stronger than WPC floors and laminate plus the price is right as well! Instead of using wood, the stone is used with a silica core resulting in a flooring material that is made from waterproof ingredients, to begin with. SPC is 20 times (yes, TWENTY) impact-resistant than base laminates and 10 times impact resistance compared to WPC (wood composite core) flooring. Stone Polymer Composite flooring better known as SPC Floors are also fire resistant.

SPC can be scored with a razor and snapped for cutting purposes. This means it can be done without a saw! What does this mean for you? TWO BIG THINGS: 1 – SPC installation costs less than some other flooring materials and 2 – if you are going do it yourself, DIY flooring installation it makes your job much easier.  Contact us with any further questions!

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