Here are a number of reasons why carpet is a great choice for many of the rooms in your home.

  • It offers a variety of colors, patterns and styles to satisfy any personal style and match any decor.
  • It’s cushioned surface absorbs sound and is less noisy to walk on than hard surface flooring.
  • When considering affordability, it is one of the most economical flooring products to have installed.
  • The insulating properties provide additional warmth underfoot during cold seasons.
  • It is a non-slip surface that is safe underfoot and provides a cushion to prevent breakage when delicate items are accidentally dropped. Also great for small children and elderly who are concerned about falls.
    • All of our carpets are treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments, making them easy to clean and maintain.

    •  All the carpeting we sell is made in the USA.
    • We are also one of the very few flooring stores that carry all 3 major carpeting mills.

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